About Me

Hi! The Cubicle Traveler is an attempt to share travel stories from the cubicle. What I mean is, not everyone can let go off their jobs for a full time location independent life. Not because they can’t. But because the job requires them to travel every now and then. Mind you, these aren’t your desk jockeys who play the 9-5 – grab some drinks – hit the hotel bed – repeat, fiddle. These cubicle travellers are equally passionate and excited about exploring and collecting memories just as same.

With a majority of the expense taken care of already, the cubicle traveller now only has to budget his/her time and that puts things in a different light. Yes, they may not have the choice of the destination or the time of the year to travel, however, my endeavour is to collect experiences from the road less traveled.

So, to begin with, my first travel experiences coming your way. Hope you like it.

Almost forgot – along with travel, food excites me and I love to share experiences and recommend places. So there’s that as well. It will take form as we progress on this blog.

Hope you enjoy reading!